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Whiskey Elements: How To

Feeling Adventurous?
Try aging your own cocktails at home!

Simply combine all ingredients (except fresh stuff like citrus and dairy – save that for serving!), add an Element, and age 3-5 days…. tasting regularly, of course ;)

Suggested Aged Spirits to enjoy on their own or in a cocktail

  • Any Whiskey… for Aged Hot Toddies.
  • Vodka… for Aged Moscow Mules.
  • Tequila… for Aged Margaritas.
  • Brandy… for Mulled Wine.
  • Rum… for Aged Hot Buttered Rum.

Suggested All-in-One Aged Cocktails

  • Manhattan
  • Negroni
  • Sazerac
  • Martini

Elements can be used up to 3 times if you remove the Element after 24 hours. Simply wrap in foil and place in the freezer between uses. The Element will carry some flavor from the first spirit into the next.

Some of our team’s favorite flavor combos

“I’m a Bulleit Bourbon fan, myself. I’ll drop it in my Bulleit for a day, and then save them up for my next batch of homebrewed hard cider. You can try ‘em in a growler of your favorite beer too.”

Joshua Thorne, Founder & CEO

“I love to drop a Signature Element in a low-cost bottle of Cabernet, Syrah, or Tempranillo for 5-10 minutes, then drop it in a bottle of Woodford Reserve for about 24 hours. Not only does it really round out and mellow the wine, it adds delicious floral notes to my whiskey too. I drink it neat.”

Marcie Gardner, COO

“In the summer, I’ll take the Elements I saved from aging my whiskey and use them to smoke some brisket or ribs. Nobody says no to melt in your mouth ribs and bourbon!”

Joshua Anderson, Regional Sales Director, Oregon

“If you really wanna impress the ladies, take your Elements to the kitchen and make your own aged Balsamic Vinegar.”

Omar Nasserziayee, Regional Sales Director, Washington

… Stay tuned for a video message from our Founder, Joshua Thorne, coming soon!