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Smoke Elements
Smoke Elements
Smoke Elements
Smoke Elements
Smoke Elements

Smoke Elements draw out notes of smoke and charred oak from your Spirit or Cocktail in 1-4 days. They add a nice Scotch notes to any spirit.

Smoke Elements are great for aging any spirit or cocktail. These add great notes of smoke and spice t any spirit or cocktail. Try it with Tequila and Rum. 

NOTE - These come hand wrapped with information on use.

Inspired by the timeless tradition of barrel aging spirits, Time & Oak’s Natural Elements allow you to customize and age your own Spirit or Cocktail in no time. The Element allows you to add robust and complex flavors that smooth your Spirit or Cocktail in just 1-4 days. Unlike traditional “mini-barrels”, Elements work fast because they have greater surface area interaction; allowing the American Oak to filter out toxins while imparting vanillins, sugars, and tannins to your Spirit or Cocktail.

Remember to taste regularly!

Order contains 1 packaged pair of Elements (2 total Elements).

Add one Element to a 750 ml bottle or decanter, Taste regularly, then enjoy your customized Spirit or Cocktail.

Works Brilliantly with: Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin & Cocktails


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